Storm Surge Silica

Potassium Silicate Supplement

Encourage maximum plant growth, flower production and yield in hydroponic plants.

Silicon (Si) is now designated as a “plant beneficial substance” by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO).
Plants can only absorb silicon in the form of monosilicic acids. These are formed when STORM SURGE potassium silicate is dissolved in water.

It is well established that once silicon is absorbed by the plant, it can travel throughout the plant and can accumulate and deposit in the wall of xylem cells and the outer wall of epidermal cells of both sides of leaves. Once it is deposited, it can no longer be transported elsewhere within the plant.

Deposited silicon strengthens outer tissues of the plant (stronger branches and stems) and reduces cuticular transpiration in leaves as well as creating barriers that improve plant resistance to foliar diseases and insects.  Silicon also increases cell wall elasticity during elongation (growth) followed by strengthening of wall tissues.

Silicon is not inert. It has been found to be a biologically active element, resulting in the formation of problem solving solutions. Silicon becomes actively involved with plant processes and plant defense mechanisms to generate multiple improvements that increase the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, chilling, salinity and UV-B rays.

Silicon has also been proven to increase chlorophyll production and photosynthesis when plants are subject to stress conditions as well as reduces manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe) toxicity.

Storm Surge Label

Use Directions

HYDROPONIC/SOILLESS MIXES USE: Normal: Use 2 ML per gallon of water. Aggressive: Use 3 ML per gallon of water.

Technical Information

Improvements At the Physiological & Whole-Plant Level

To summarize, most researchers point to the following areas where silicon made improvements at the physiological and whole-plant levels:

  • Structural enhancements in cell walls, xylem and epidermal regions of turfgrass
  • Regulation of gene expression to overcome negative effects of abiotic stress
  • Modulation of response pathways to increase antioxidant production
  • Immobilization and neutralization of toxic metals

The potassium constituent in Storm Surge Silica is a key activator of many enzymes, especially those involved with carbohydrate metabolism. Storm Surge Silicate’s potassium constituent is  responsible for the control of ion movement through membranes and the water status of stomatal openings.

Potassium is necessary for the initiation of flower buds and fruit sets. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the levels of potassium as the plant enters the reproductive stage of development.

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