Storm Cell

1-Part Nutritional Concentrate for Seedlings and Cuttings

Storm Cell nutritional concentrate is designed for use with seedling and rooted cuttings grown in soilless propagation media such as vermiculite/pearlite, rock wool plugs/cubes, coco coir and other inert mixes. Storm Cell is specifically formulated to provide a nutritional blend of select macronutrients, secondary nutrients and micronutrients for plants in the post germination/pre-vegetative period of growth and development.

There is a bounty of nutrient products and supplements directed at the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth. Without question, these are very important stages of plant development and maturation and each stage requires different combinations and concentrations of nutrient elements within nutrient solutions to optimize desired developmental progress. However, another stage, the Pre-growth or Autotrophic Initiation stage of development is equally important.

During the germination process, the plant is initially dependent on the endosperm for its food supply. But as the seed begins to develop its root system and the first “seed leaves” (cotyledons) begin to emerge, the plant is expected to become independent of its stored food supply through its own photosynthetic activity. Once the plant transitions from its dependency on stored seed food reserves to its ability to fully utilize its own photosynthetic machinery for carbohydrate production, it is referred to as an autotrophic plant.

Under hydroponic production, once a plant begins to function as an autotroph, it must be provided light, water, proper temperature and nutrients to support growth and important plant functions such as stem elongation, photosynthesis and protein production.

Storm Cell Label

Use Directions

HYDROPONIC/SOILLESS MIXES USE: Normal: Use 6 ML per gallon of water. Aggressive: Use 12 ML per gallon of water.

Technical Information

When To Use Storm Cell

Cotyledons initially contain stored food reserves to provide energy for early development of seedling establishment. However, as these reserves are used up, the cotyledons turn green and convert their plant function to photosynthesis. They possess stomata, develop chlorophyll and form leaf-like structures shortly after emergence. They play a predominant role in photosynthesis that is essential to seedling survival.

Therefore, it is usually shortly after emergence of the cotyledon that initial applications of STORM CELL are recommended. Nutrient feeding with STORM CELL should be continued until plants demonstrate that initiation of vegetative growth has begun.

STORM CELL is formulated to supply a full spectrum of nutrients that will provide for a seamless transition from initiation of the autotrophic stage to the beginning of the vegetative growth stage.

Considerations For Storm Cell Use

Avoid Nutrient Toxicity and Nutrient Deficiencies

Seedlings and cuttings grown in soilless media are quite vulnerable to nutrient toxicity. But these young and developing plants are equally vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies. In order to get a crop off to a healthy, robust start and reach its genetic capabilities, it is necessary to provide plants with essential, secondary and micro elements to satisfy plant requirements. Diluted forms of nutrient combinations designed for plants in the vegetative or flowering stages are not appropriate for sensitive seedlings and cuttings whose roots, organs, metabolic machinery and other functional processes may not be fully developed.

The best and safest way to supply nutrients at the early stages of plant development is to use a well-balanced nutrient product such as STORM CELL that is specifically formulated to supply plants in early development with nutrients in the proper ratios and concentrations.

Precondition Young Plants for Success During the Vegetative Stage

Nurturing your seedlings and cuttings is not just about their survival. Keeping them healthy throughout their early stage of their development as an autotrophic plant is an investment in your future harvest. This certainly includes providing a complete nutrient solution that is appropriate for pre-vegetative plant requirements.

During the pre-vegetative (pre-growth) stage, it is general practice to provide long periods of light. Heavy loads of light stimulate the photosynthetic machinery to produce carbohydrates and provide the plant with energy to develop more of its functional architecture (leaves, stem, roots, etc.) and to complete photosynthetic, metabolic and functional process machinery required for its entry into the vegetative stage. If it is not provide the proper nutrient mix at this time, the success of the vegetative (and even flowering) stage of growth will be jeopardized.

Strong, fully functioning, vigorous and healthy seedlings and cuttings that are well nourished with applications of STORM CELL will be better prepared to transition, thrive and be capable of undertaking the physiological process demands that exist during the explosive vegetative growth stage.

Seamless Integration with TROPICAL STORM 3-Part Vegetative Growth System

Once plants that have been on a STORM CELL feeding program are ready to begin their vegetative growth stage. They are well conditioned and functionally capable to accept the more aggressive nutrient solutions developed for the vegetative stages of plant growth and development. STORM CELL has been formulated to allow plants to transition easily to vegetative growth nutritional programs such as our TROPICAL STORM 3-Part Vegetative Growth System.

Use of the Hurricane Hydroponics’ TROPICAL STORM 3-part system is an ideal nutritional system to use following a STORM CELL feeding system. It provides growers with a stable fertilizer base consisting of all essential minerals needed by the plant during the vegetative growth period. TROPICAL STORM encourages aggressive root development and growth responses capable of optimizing photosynthetic, amino acid/protein synthesis and metabolic processes to support future developmental and defense processes.

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