Innovative, Consistent & Reliable

Hurricane Hydroponics is a developer and formulator of high quality nutrients and amendments specifically for the hydroponic industry.  Our goal is to provide growers with innovative, 21st century breakthrough products that provide consistent and reliable solutions for today’s hydroponic industry. While the use of Hurricane Hydroponic products are formulated for hydroponic use, they can also be used for small container crops using soil as the production system medium.

Want Award Winning Results? Use Award Winning Nutrients.

A Focused Scientific Approach

We enlisted the help of a world-renowned chemist/agronomist to assist in our development efforts and coordinate incorporation of outside industry expertise. Following extensive testing, we were able to develop our unique set of nutrient formulations that satisfied our required standards of performance.

  • Tested By Growers – We test and evaluate our products in our own growing operations as well as other various regions, climates, plant types, and growing mediums.

  • Proudly Made In The U.S.A. – All of our feeding systems and supplements are produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards right here in the U.S.

  • Focused On Innovation – We undertake an ongoing, vigorous research program with new candidates and technologies.

We want to offer all growers the nutritional system flexibility needed to be successful. We believe in exceeding industry standards, and elevating the quality of  growers’ lives and crops.

We provide science-based solutions to everyday problems that growers face.

Technical Collaborations

Hurricane Hydroponics is not tethered to the development of traditional hydroponic product “models” that restrict the creation of innovative products that provide improved solutions to problems and concerns often faced by growers on a daily basis. Hurricane Hydroponics also believes in making these innovative products at an accessible pricing structure for every grower type.

From its inception, Hurricane Hydroponics realized that in order to provide the market with best-in-class products, it was necessary to construct a resource pool of science-based technology and expertise through the establishment of a collaborative mix of researchers and agronomic experts in the fields of plant physiology, nutrition, plant energetics and hydroponic practices. We believe that both Hurricane Hydroponics and growers will benefit from this product development strategy.

Our Products

At Hurricane Hydroponics, we produce a robust and flourishing line of nutrient systems and supplements to meet the nutritional framework of every plant — as well as products that allow growers to address specific nutrient and/or amendment requirements.

We develop and commercialize products that are based on sound scientific and agronomic evidence. Hurricane Hydroponics products also contain the highest quality of ingredients and enhance crop performance beyond traditional nutritional definitions.

For example, where appropriate, our nutritional products contain a full complement of 18 L-amino acids. By providing the plant with preassembled amino acids, the plant is given the opportunity to reallocate utilization of available resources from de novo synthesis of amino acids towards other metabolic processes that increase the potential for improved growth, yield, flowering, reproduction and plant defense systems under stress conditions.

Where To Buy

Only authorized distributors, dealers and stores are allowed to sell Hurricane Hydroponics’ products. Each is equipped with staff that possess exceptional skills and technical know-how in the hydroponics industry. We are confident you will find they will go out of their way to make your adventure in hydroponics a success.

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