State Of Emergency

Phosphorus and Potassium Supplement

State of Emergency is a powerful Phosphorus (P) – and Potassium (K) – based nutrient supplement formulated for use in reproductive production systems during the early generative stages of reproductive growth (early flowering) and during the final stages of ripening in flowers, buds and fruits.

The increased use of phosphorus and potassium during the early flowering and late maturation of reproductive crops is well founded based on their respective biochemical, metabolic and physiological contributions during these stages of crop development.

A good nutrient system for vegetative growth is proportionally higher in nitrogen, but the most successful systems during the flowering stages are proportionally higher in phosphorus and potassium. And for good reason.

Phosphorus – “The Energy Element”

It is well established that phosphorus is key to energy exchange in plants. It is a principle constituent in the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) molecule that is responsible for the storage of energy needed to activate chemical reactions and conduct plant functions. The demand for energy is elevated during the reproductive stage of plant development. As plants transition from the vegetative stage, a great deal of energy is diverted to the production of flowers. As a result this high demand for phosphorus-based energy, phosphorus can quickly become depleted if not replenished.

During later stages of flowering, higher levels of phosphorus are also needed to provide the energy needed for developing fruit.

Growers interested in increasing yield via increased flower establishment and bud swell, will need a nutrient system proportionally higher in phosphorus. Growers will find that STATE OF EMERGENCY will satisfy this requirement.

State Of Emergency

Use Directions

HYDROPONIC/SOILLESS MIXES USE: Early Bloom: Use ½ TSP ‐ 1 TSP per 5 gallons of water during early flowering time periods. Late  Bloom:  Use  during  late  flowering  time  periods at 1 to 2 TSP per 5 gallons of water.

NOTE: The  amounts  of  base  nutrients  may  need to be reduced up to 50% when using Hurricane  State  of  Emergency.

Technical Information

Product Labels

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Feeding Charts

Feeding Chart Recirculating
Feeding Chart Soil/Soilless

Potassium – Quality of Fruit and Flowers

While phosphorus influences increased flower production and associated increased yields, potassium is closely associated with the quality of fruits and flowers.

Potassium increases carbohydrate metabolism that is needed for fruit and flower development. It is also used by the plant to regulate water and nutrient movement in plant cells. Potassium is therefore instrumental in moving sugars from photosynthate production points to flower, bud and fruiting sites.

Increased rigidity in plant stems is associated with adequate potassium levels. Plants also depend on potassium to regulate the opening and closing of stomates.
As a result, during heavy fruiting and flowering, plants can deplete potassium quickly.

Maintaining high potassium-to-nitrate ratios results in improved flower and fruit quality that exhibit higher sugar content and improved flavors.
In addition to the improved flower and fruit quality growers can expect an improvement in their plants’ immune system that reduces their vulnerability to environmental stresses, insects and diseases.

Growers who want to stimulate their plants to produce high yields and exhibit high quality crop characteristics should consider increasing potassium levels in their feeding schedule during the heavy fruiting and flowering period.

State Of Emergency

Improve Crop Production & Yields

STATE OF EMERGENCY satisfies the requirement for increased phosphorus and potassium in reproductive crops. With proper application and attention to best practices, growers using STATE OF EMERGENCY will experience improved crop production and yields resulting from:

  • Increased flower density, size and quality
  • Heavy weight fruit and rapid ripening during the last weeks of production
  • Elevated levels of essential oils, aromas and flavors of fruits and flowers
  • Reduction in crop vulnerability to environmental stresses, insects and diseases

Note: STATE OF EMERGENCY contains high levels of both phosphorus and potassium. Growers should consider reducing / adjusting their nutrient concentrations when using STATE OF EMERGENCY. Growers are also reminded to check electrical conductivity (EC) levels to prevent burning plants.

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