Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen and Iron Supplement

Successful hydroponic crop production is dependent on maintaining proper plant nutrition. Base nutrient systems go a long way at achieving this goal. But growing conditions, nutrient uptake and plant responses can change throughout plant development creating elemental deficiencies.

The Hurricane Hydroponics Comprehensive Nutrient Solution program provides calcium and magnesium during both the vegetative and flowering stages. But there are times when supplemental use of HURRICANE Cal-Mag may be beneficial to correct or prevent nutrient deficiencies as well as to compensate for calcium draw from different media such as coco coir fiber.

Hurricane Cal-Mag is a specialty supplement designed to provide growers with the ability to introduce a balanced nutrient solution with optimized ratios of calcium, magnesium, nitrogen and iron into vegetative and flowering stage of plant growth — ultimately increasing yield during flowering or plant maturity.

CalMag Label

Use Directions

HYDROPONIC/SOILLESS MIXES USE: Normal: Use 2 ML per gallon of water. Aggressive: Use 4 ML per gallon of water.

Technical Information


Calcium contributes to strong stems and leaves on all plants. When calcium is taken up by the plant, it forms pectin, the glue that binds cell walls together, so a steady supply of calcium is necessary throughout the plant’s life cycle to strengthen its vascular system, produce thicker stems and build new cell walls at the growing tips. If the plant has a healthy vascular system, the plant is also able to take up water and all the other essential minerals more efficiently, resulting in stronger, more disease-resistant plants.


Magnesium is a central element in chlorophyll, and it is actually the magnesium that makes plants green. Magnesium can also be helpful during fruiting and flowering. Magnesium orients the adensosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules so that the phosphate bonds can be cleaved (essential for energy production).

Magnesium also activates many enzymes that can perform thousands of chemical reactions per second! Therefore, magnesium sulfate can intensify the effect of high-energy phosphates in hydroponic production.

Make Improvements At The Whole-Plant Level

Most researchers point to the following areas where calcium, magnesium and iron made improvements at the physiological and whole-plant levels:

  • Increases flower and fruit sets and increase water and nutrient uptake.

  • Promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth

  • Increases flower bud absorption and improves the nutritional quality of plants while reducing leaf chlorosis (loss of green color) and deficiency related disorders such as blossom end rot, stem rot and tip burn. Improves density of fruit and production of essential oils

  • Optimizes plant metabolism, enhancing growth and creating healthier flowers and fruits.

  • Accelerates growth and cell division

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