Hurricane Hydroponics

The Hurricane Hydroponics' State of Emergency, TROPICAL STORM 3-part Vegetative Growth System and HURRICANE FLOWER 3-part Flowering Concentrate System are designed to deliver well balanced and flexible nutrient feeding programs during critical stages of plant development for a wide range of plants.

We recognize that well designed hydroponic systems provide a unique production platform from which growers have the opportunity to augment or compliment sound nutritional programs with supplements to achieve specific plant responses or correct production irregularities.

We believe that supplements should be developed as ingredients for success. They should provide the means for growers to optimize their crop's genetic potential -- producing vigorous growth and larger yields with optimum crop characteristics.

Hurricane Hydroponics focuses on development and formulation of supplements that adjust, enhance, complement or correct to production practices in an effort to:

  • Keep optimum plant response on track
  • Adjust for nutrient deficiency or toxicity
  • Restore or correct pH
  • Stimulate or enhance a variety of plant functions such as root development, defense response mechanisms, growth and flowering
  • Prevent problems associated with plants that are prone to secondary or micronutrient mineral element deficiencies during critical phases of growth and development

We invite you to review the product descriptions of supplements we have manufactured for the hydroponics industry. Just click on the product package on the left and you will be taken to a separate page with additional information on the product. All our supplements are designed to work well with our TROPICAL STORM and HURRICANE FLOWER nutrient products.