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Hurricane Hydroponics originated when several people passionate about the hydroponic industry got together and decided to make a difference.

Our effort began by testing numerous products and methods that were commercially available, but crop yields and quality never matched claimed expectations. It quickly became obvious that there simply were no viable options available for growers to correctly fine tune nutrients to a point that could adequately satisfy growing media, crop type and production system parameters. To compound the problem, most nutrients available were produced using inferior, low cost active ingredients. This gave growers throughout the industry a false sense of security and often resulted in devastating results.

With a goal to to overcome this problem and a vision to create leading edge products for the industry, growers at Hurricane Hydroponics moved forward. We combined our many years of personal involvement with large commercial indoor, greenhouse, and outdoor grow operations and immediately began evaluations of thousands of different formulations to asses optimum plant responses.
We eventually determined the best way for growers to take control of their plant production and desired results was to break down the standard feeding system into six parts.

We enlisted the help of a world renowned chemist/agronomist to assist in our development efforts and coordinate incorporation of outside industry expertise. Following extensive testing, we were able to develop Hurricane Hydroponics’ unique set of nutrient formulations that satisified our required standards of performance.

To ensure that our products work in your system, all our products are tested and evaluated from a grower's perspective -- by growers! We test and evaluate our products in our own growing operations as well as test our products in various regions, climates, plant types, and growing mediums -- all in an effort to provide you on a consistent basis, superior products with exceptional performance.

To that end, all Hurricane Hydroponics’ products are produced to the highest pharmaceutical standards and are proudly made in the U.S.A, by growers for growers. Hurricane Hydroponics is confident that our feeding systems and supplements will provide growers with the optimum opportunities to increase crop yields and crop quality in any medium and under any hydroponic system.
We also undertake an ongoing, vigorous research program with new candidates and technologies in order to provide a means that will enable us to provide our customers leading edge products from which to experience the greatest possible outcome in their operations.

Founders of Hurricane Hydroponics remain 100% involved on the frontline of the hydroponic industry. We are committed to be a grower-centric company with real world solutions for growers. Hurricane Hydroponics is confident that our nutrient systems and supplements will provide growers with the optimum opportunities to bring in the best crop possible.

Hurricane Hydroponics wants to offer all growers the nutritional system flexibility needed to be successful. We believe in exceeding industry standards, and elevating the quality of the growers’ life.  If you’re ready to use agronomist formulated, and guaranteed products, we want to partner with you. Please review our product portfolio HERE.

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